About Mandore

An ancient town to the north of Jodhpur, Mandore is a famous tourists attraction of Rajasthan. One can easily figure out the significance of the place from a mythological fact that demon king, Ravana, got married in the town. And to testify this event, here one can see a Ravan temple, which built at the native place of Ravan's wife Mandodari. Until 1459 AD, Mandore was the princely state of Marwar (Jodhpur State), later the Rao Jodha, a Rathore chief, shifted the capital to the newly found city, Jodhpur.

When on a trip to Mandore, make a point to visit the Mandore Gardens, which has a good collection of temples, memorials, and high rock terraces. Amongst the famous cenotaphs found in the garden, most prominent among them is the chhatri of Maharaja Ajit Singh, built in 1793. Make a point to visit the government museum; Hall of Heroes and a Hindu temple to 33 crore gods. The government museum exhibits various artifacts that were found in the region. "The temple of 33 crore gods" is famous for housing images of Hindu gods.