Interesting Facts on Bishnoi Village in a Day Tour

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August 23, 2022
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No tour to Jodhpur is complete without a visit to the Bishnoi Village Safari. Jodhpur Taxi Services is one of the leading Jodhpur car rental that provides affordable taxi in jodhpur. Warped in the past eras, the delightful little village of Bishnoi is best explored through a village safari. We provide the best Jodhpur Bishnoi Sightseeing Tour Packages. Here are some facts about the Bishnoi Village:

  • The Bishnoi are an eco-friendly part of the Hindu religion, it is one of the different communities of Rajasthan who is famous for their rich cultural Rajasthani Life and their true love for nature and animals.
  • The villagers are staunch worshippers of nature in all its forms, especially the sanctity of plant and animal life. They even pray to the trees and animals that inhabit their land.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of life in the Bishnoi Villages—Khejarli, Kakani, and Guda Bishnoiyan all in half a day.
  • You will be able to have a look at how they manage and tend to their flocks throughout the day, as well as the different animals they care for, from goats to camels and more.
  • The main attractions of the Bishnoi village include Salawas or the weavers’ village, Singhasni or the village of Muslim potters, Khejarli, Gudha village, Guda Bishnoi Lake and Shepherds’ Village apart from numerous wild animals and birds that can be seen here.
  • You can also watch traditional craft activities, like pottery and carpet weaving, as well as one of the traditional opium ceremonies.
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